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Ask Kelly how to best describe herself, and she will say, “I am a multi-faceted and flawed diamond.  But the pressure used to shape the diamond is what creates the brilliant shine.”

How many people do you know have this level of life experience:  Singing in various venues all over the world, publishing a book, running several small businesses, consulting for other small businesses and non-profits, serving as an executive at top Fortune 500 companies, creating a lifetime of ongoing philanthropy, and starting a non-profit that serves people in need?  Yet, Kelly’s ability to walk down various paths simultaneously, winning awards and honors for her leadership is not what motivates her.   Only “purpose” drives her.

It is not uncommon to see her marching for the rights of people of color, for women, or for the homeless.  Or passing out food and clothing on Laurel Canyon Road or Skid Row.  Kelly built a foundation for purpose in 2000, and she has been diligent in that effort ever since.  If you want to think about life differently, stay in touch!

“I strive for purpose, not power.”

About Kelly

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Singer, Philanthropist, and Humanitarian


Speaker, Author, Singer

As a National Recording Artist, Kelly has performed in venues from Cleveland, Ohio to Geneva, Switzerland. She served as a speaker, panelist, and host at conferences across the country, and has appeared on television and the media. Finally, as an author her transparency transformed the lives of many readers.

Corporate Executive-Turned Entreprenuer

A seasoned executive, Kelly has experience and expertise from both vantage points. A storyteller, her journey serves as an inspirational account of navigating peaks and valleys in your career.

Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Activist

Since 2000, Kelly made it her life’s work to follow purpose: Supporting people of color, single mothers and domestic violence survivors, striving college students, women and minority businesses, and the homeless.

Companies and Organizations that Shaped My Perspective