How does the process of booking an artist work?

If you are pursuing a date with a particular artist you must do the following:

  • Talk to Janice Christian, Agent
  •  Submit a formal offer in writing.  Offers may be sent via email, mail or fax.
  • All offers must be approved by Lightworld Entertainment. No advertising, spreading by word of mouth, etc. can be done unless your offer is approved and the contract is executed
  • Once an offer is approved, you will receive a formal agreement from Lightworld Entertainment.
  • Please return the contract, along with a 50% deposit to secure the date.
  • Lightworld Entertainment will sign and issue you a copy of the fully executed contract.  Advertising may commence once this step is completed in full.

Where do I obtain promotional materials for my concert?

It will usually come from the record label or the publicist’s office. We will supply you with a photo and biography via e-mail or you will receive one with your contracts.

May I schedule radio interviews or in-store appearances with the artist?

All interviews and in-store appearances must be approved in writing by Lightworld Entertainment. If you have approval, these can be scheduled by contacting the appropriate person listed in the artist’s rider.


Which copies of the contract do I send back?

Please sign and return both copies. You will receive a fully executed copy once all parties have signed off.

Can I pay my 50% deposit with a personal check or company check?

No. All deposits must be paid by certified check or wire transfer.

When is my 50% deposit due?

All deposits are due IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of contracts in order to secure the date.


Will your artists do benefit shows for a reduced rate?

As this is how our Artists live and pay their own bills, it is out of the norm to do benefit or reduced rate events. However, please submit your request in writing, and we will consider it based upon time, expense and availability.

Will your artists play for a love offering?

Our artists do not play for love offerings. They each operate their ministry on clearly defined budgets.


Where do I get permission to use one of your artist’s songs for worship, special projects, etc?

Please direct your request to info[at]