Real: The Truth about Being Single with Kelly Chapman

Written by Kelly Chapman & Kenya Banks
You’ve Heard the CD, Now Read The Story Behind the Music . Kelly breaks it down to readers. Her painful journey of physical and emotional abuse inspired the award-winning Heal Me and other spirit-filled songs.

Excerpt from Prologue
…”Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” Mark 5:35 NASB

Let me speak to the woman who has been beat down by others who would judge her because she is single (or for her struggles as a single). Girlfriend, this book is written to lift you up, not bring you down. I want to encourage you – My strong sista who has yet to tap into all of her greatness in God. My strong sista who has it goin on, is successful, is beautiful, but just can’t see herself as God sees her. My strong sista who loves the Lord, but just doesn’t have the courage to let it go yet, but will when you get tired of being tired. This book is for you! I’m going to reveal some of my life experiences and share what God has placed upon my heart to communicate to you.

Have you given up? Have you lost hope?

I haven’t. I love my men and I can wait for God to send my mate to me. I trust and believe that it will happen, perfectly in due season.

In the meantime, stay strong my sista

Let’s talk… a real conversation – woman to woman.

Excerpt from Chapter One Girl, Do Men Lie?

You won’t catch this one on the eleven o’clock news and probably not on the movie of the week, but it’s a true story and it’s probably similar to your story. Yeah, I know places and faces may look different, but go beyond the surface of things. Look deeper, look within, up close. Take a look at yourself. As I tell you about some of the things that make Kelly Chapman Real. See if you can catch a glimpse of yourself Sis.

Every little girl has dreams and fantasies, hopes and plans. I’m no different – pony tails and shirley temple curls, pink taffeta and sweet honesty from Avon. Frilly things and candy kiss dreams. Those are the things to which little girls cling.

I’m no different from anybody else. I wanted the big wedding day and the house with the white picket fence. My handsome husband and I would be so in love and we would go to church – just praising the Lord together!

I dreamed.

But, I realized that it was just that, a dream.

Then I woke up…


Believe it or not – God smiled upon us with a rainbow at the conclusion of the evening – Hallelujah!