Say Squeeze: My Decision to Join Kegelbell – The Vagina Gym™

I just love a good photographer!  And Noel Daganta is one of the best in the business.  For years, people said, “Kelly you should do a toothpaste commercial.”  Honestly, I expected that a call would come one day, but no dice.  Who would have thought that I would gladly elect to be a pin-up for a Vagina Gym™?

Kelly Chapman, EVP of Kegelbell – The Vagina Gym™

Here is why it doesn’t make sense:  In some circles, I am known as a Christian Author, Speaker, and Singer.  In others, I am known as the singing mac’n’cheese lady.  I could name about 5 other circles.  Suffice it to say, “Kegelbell model” wouldn’t have made the cut.

Until now.

And I proudly wave my hand as I #StandTight

How did I discover kegelbell?

Back in October of 2019, post-fibroid surgery, I struggled with slight leakage due to the catheter.  And for a lot of reasons that I will share down the road, my almost non-existent sex life was just …blah.

I watch a lot of reality TV and I saw some sisters at a steam spa for your vajayjay.  I saw some other ladies let a doctor put a laser inside of their hoo-ha.  Out of curiosity, I googled it online, and soon thereafter Kegelbell started popping up on my Instagram.  It intrigued me how it was safer than a yoni egg as it is easier to clean, and only stays in for five minutes.  I decided to come back to it in the future.

Stephanie Schull owner of Kegelbell for pelvic floor health.

Dr. Stephanie Schull after our first official business meeting.

As fate would have it, I saw the owner of kegelbell at the airport hangar.  How did I know it was her?  She had a big old sign (not pictured here) with a vagina diagram on it for everyone to see.

I asked her for a card and told her I would purchase one ASAP.  Two nights later, I woke up at 230 AM.  I heard a voice say, “Not only will you buy a kegelbell from her, but you will help her sell it.”  As an aside, my only 2020 commitment was to listen and obey the “voice” when I hear it. Immediately, our wonderful leader Stephanie received an email.  The next day, I purchased the product, confirmed it actually works within a few weeks, and the rest is history.

Stay in touch to hear my story.

Finally, I have so much to share with you.  As such, I plan to blog about my wellness journey, dating, valuing ourselves as women, and more. However,  today, I firstly want to say, “Helloooooo!”  Secondly, I can’t wait to change the world for women as a proud member of the Kegelbell team.

To purchase this amazing tool for your own self-empowerment, please click HERE.  And use my CODE: RINGTHEBELL for a discount.

Now pardon me, I need to go #SaySqueeze #QuarantineLife #TheKegelLife #SelfCare